Gate Fitting Sets

Austral Wire Products offers a range of gate fittings to complement our high quality gates.

Code Type Description Weight (kg) Pack Quantity
840802 Drop Latch AGF2DL – Econo Pack 1.6 10
840804 Drop Latch AGF4DL – Heavy Duty Pack 3.0 5
840815 Drop Latch AGF15DL – Multi-Fit Pack 1.6 10
840852 Ring Latch AGF2RL – Bolt Thru Top Strap 1.5 10
840854 Ring Latch AGF4RL – Heavy Duty Pack 2.9 5
840856 Ring Latch AGF15RL – Multi-Fit Pack 1.5 10
Farm Gates Latches and Accessories

Fencing Tools

Austral Wire Products offers a quality range of fencing accessories to complement our comprehensive range of products. The 9.5kg post driver provides a driving force with extra grunt, making manually driving a post into any terrain easier. The post lifter is the ultimate tool to remove steel posts easily while retaining the condition of the removed posts allowing the posts to be reused. The wire spinner is suitable for releasing plain fencing wire safely and efficiently.

Code Description Weight (kg) Pack Quantity
910060 Wire Spinner 9 kg 1
910040 Post Lifter 10 kg 2
910020 Post Driver 10 kg 2
Galmax Fencing Accessories
  • Post Lifter
  • Wire Spinner
  • Post Driver